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What a fortunate life to have a career that brings you delight and satisfaction every day.  Creativity is at the heart of my passion.  Whether it is designing new spaces for Clients or creating a beautiful piece of furniture; it is a source of gratification to bring joy into someone’s world.   In the last two years, DRDS has expanded from Las Vegas to include an office in Calabasas, California.  I really believe that the west is the place for trailblazers and innovation that form a society by design.  Along with the sunshine, they embrace the new.  That mentality has been my driving force and source of enthusiasm for constantly creating interiors out of the box.


When DRDS takes on a project, it is our team's firm belief that each creation should be an expression of the Clients essence and core.  Our main objective is to tell their story about what makes their heart sing.  Whether it be architectural style, exclusive dwellings, eclectic furnishings, or tactile finishes and materials.  The DRDS interior design process begins with client collaboration to create cohesive interior construction, space planning, and room functionality.  The “icing on the cake” follows with establishing the ambiance mood through colors, textures and impactful art.  We are the vessel to make their dream project come true.  Our marque at DRDS is like a rainbow of colors and therefore, we have had the privilege of learning and growing from a wide array of design variation.   


Very important to our design process is the implementation of construction management.  We like to bring a sense of ease and teamwork to the project by providing over 40 years of experience.  This hands-on approach help to assure that the end product will meet the client's schedule and budgetary expectations.  Our Project Construction Director is Manuel Mojica who is a seasoned expert in his field and has an expansive portfolio from The Colosseum @ Caesars Palace to Grand Canyon Skywalk.

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